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With Sylvain Peltier and Michael Caines behind Café-Pâtisserie-Glacerie, it’s no surprise that artisan quality and creativity are at the heart of everything we do. We used the finest and freshest ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible and keeping with the seasons, to create quite simply the very best range of modern French pâtisseries and Italian-inspired gelato anywhere around.

Cafe Patisserie
Blueberry Eclair

Blueberry Eclair


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Pistachio Macaron

Pistachio Macaron


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Strawberry Gelato

Strawberry Gelato


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The art of pâtisserie

Artisan production of pâtisseries — modern, beautiful and absolutely delicious handmade French pastries — are what we love doing best. Sylvain’s Michelin-star background combined with his incredible artistry and creativity means that we offer a range of pastries that are as stunning to look at as they are to eat and which are completely original: you won’t find Sylvain’s creations anywhere else.

Sylvain’s cakes de voyage

Sylvain’s ‘cakes de voyage’ are his own creation: stunningly beautiful, perfectly formed cakes that are just the indulgent size for you to enjoy with friends or family, or even, why not, to eat all by yourself. These special ‘cakes de voyage’, presented in their own travelling box, are the very best way to brighten up your day or to give to someone who is in need of brightening up.

The art of viennoiserie

Viennoiserie refers to our layered pastries, including croissants, pain au chocolat, pain au raisin. Why do these taste so much better than similar-looking pastries from elsewhere? Rich Devon butter is the key. Using traditional French pastry skills, we ensure that our layered pastries are crisp, flaky and packed full of good, natural Devon butter.

The art of gelato


We make our artisan gelato on the premises, fresh daily as needed, using fabulous local Devon milk and cream. Gelato is silkier and softer in texture than ice cream, with less air churned in, which is why it remains soft and spreadable with pure flavours that are more intense. Our gelato can be served either in an artisan waffle cone or in a tub, with wonderful sprinkles, toppings and gourmet sauces to choose from. Like the best things in life, our gelato flavours change with the seasons.


Our milkshakes are thick and luxurious, made with creamy Devon milk and whatever gelato flavour you would like, blended to order.

The art of ice cream on a stick

Sometimes ice cream on a stick is just about the best thing you could ask for, especially when the ice cream itself is our own fresh gelato made on the premises. Our stick ice creams are made with both white chocolate and dark chocolate, plain or covered with honeycomb, roasted hazlenuts, pecan praline, and more.

Gelato ‘to go’

Why not pop in and pick up a container of gelato to take home with you. We offer any of our wonderful flavours, scooped into a recyclable thermal container that will keep it frozen until you get home. A wonderful treat, especially when paired with one of Sylvain’s fabulous French pastries or with a cake de voyage.

The art of coffee

Our signature seasonal coffee is sourced and West Country roasted entirely to our own specification to ensure that you enjoy a perfect latte, cappucino, flat white or americano every time. Our trained baristas will make your coffee just how you like it, so don’t hesitate to explainyour preferences. We offer whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed, and non-dairy milks. If you like our coffee, why not take some home with you?

‘Grab and go’ and hot food to go

For a quick bite on the beach, our ‘grab and go’ is just the ticket. We offer a selection of freshly made sandwiches, baguettes, wraps and salads, as well as hot food to go, including soup of the day, Tom’s pies, and Barnecutt’s traditional Cornish pasties.

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