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Sylvain and Michael are artisans in the truest sense of the word. They hand-craft delicious and beautiful things to eat utilising the finest and freshest ingredients and local produce, using traditional methods and in limited quantity. Their creations are true edible works of art, completely unique and unavailable anywhere else.

Michael’s culinary skills are already well-known locally, nationally and internationally. As one of the UK’s most acclaimed chefs, he has gained countless awards, from multiple-Michelin stars to industry awards from his own peers. His creative cuisine wins praise from critics and diners alike, and he often appears on national television. While Sylvain Peltier has worked closely with Michael for more than twenty-years and his creations have been greatly appreciated by countless diners and customers, he has mainly remained behind the scenes in the pastry kitchen. Café-Pâtisserie-Glacerie is an opportunity for him to step out to achieve the recognition and acclaim that he deserves, in equal partnership with Michael.

“Sylvain’s pastry skills are the very best of anyone I have worked with, including in Michelin-star kitchens,” says Michael. “His creativity, imagination, and techniques mean that he is able to produce both classic as well as wonderful and inventive new creations that are simply stunning and which have real depth of flavour. I’m so proud to be able to partner Sylvain at Café-Pâtisserie-Glacerie which is the perfect showcase for his incredible talents.”

Café-Pâtisserie-Glacerie aims also to showcase the products of other artisan producers, mostly located in the Southwest. Here are some of the people and businesses we are working with…

Cafe Patisserie

Sutton Lucy Dairy

Rich milk and cream from small dairy herds that graze on rich grasslands of the Southwest are one of the best and most iconic products of the region, and an essential ingredient for the daily production of our gelato. Indeed we would go so far as to say that Devon milk and cream are so good that they make our gelato even better than that produced anywhere, even in Italy! Our milk and cream comes from Sutton Lucy Dairy, a family-run dairy situated in the heart of East Devon.

Antonelli's Waffle Cones

A good gelato needs the perfect waffle cone, and ours are the best, artisan-made by in the UK since 1884 when Cavaliere Domenico Antonelli left Italy to move to England. Since 1960, the company has specialised in ‘cones for the connoisseur’, the only UK manufacturer of wafer cones, waffle cones and sugar cones. It’s still a family company today, and Antonelli’s remain pioneers in the industry.

Olfactory Coffee

There is nothing like a really good, fresh cup of coffee made with coffee that has been blended and freshly roasted entirely to our demanding specifications. We take great pride in the coffees we serve at Café-Pâtisserie-Glacerie and searched far and wide to find the best roaster to partner with. We are proud to be working with Olfactory who have been roasting in Penryn, Cornwall since 2013. Olfactory focus on sustainable relationships with coffee growers and highly trusted green bean brokers. They then take meticulous care and obsessive attention to detail to deliver ethically sourced, skilfully roasted coffees to us to ensure consistent satisfaction that we demand as we seek to develop our own independent speciality coffee culture here in Exmouth.

Tom's Pies

Tom’s Pies are true artisan products, devotedly handmade in Devon using only the finest, freshest ingredients. The company was founded by Executive Chef Tom Cull on a 40-acre family farm. The pies are made with delicious buttery shortcrust pastry and filled with fresh, sustainably sourced British ingredients. There is nothing pretentious about Tom’s Pies: when you bite into one, you will enjoy the comfort of home cooking and the richness and the goodness of British soil and ingredients.

Barnecutt's Cornish Pasties

Though Michael is Devon through and through, he readily concedes that some things are best done in their region of origin. Cornish pasties are a case in point. There are people producing pasties throughout the Southwest, including here in Devon, and they can be good. But for our taste, the best still come from Cornwall, specifically from Malcolm Barnecutt’s Bakery of Cornwall, which has been hand-crimping pasties made to a traditional recipe handed down from grandfather to father to son for more than 90 years. Simple, well-sourced, premium ingredients are the key to a good Cornish pasty and it must be artisan-made, not industrially produced in a high-volume factory. We’re proud to be the only place in Devon that serves Barnecutt’s Cornish pasties.Taste one and we’re sure you will agree that they are the best.

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